Our Heritage

Here at Ayurleela, ayurveda is practiced in a manner that provides equal importance to both preventive and curative aspects by stabilizing the body and mind.The ancient tradition of Ashtavaidyas are strictly followed here, in its true spirit by which a positive energy is attained.

Ayurleela is the result of a century of Ayurveda practiced by a traditional Ayurvedic family based in Eravathoor, Thrissur District of Kerala, India. Eravathoor is situated about 15km from Kochi International Airport, Nedumbassery, Kerala.

The Doyens

Vaidyan K. Narayana Pillai

Vaidyan K. Narayana Pillai was a multi-dimensional personality who was equally proficient in Sanskrit, Vishavaidya (Toxicology), Mantra (Chanting of Scriptures), Jyothisha (Astrology) as much as Ayurveda.

Vaidyan M. Madhava Menon

His son Vaidyan M. Madhava Menon was initiated into ayurveda under the guidance of the illustrious Ashtavaidyan Sri. E.T. Neelakantan Mooss, who founded Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala, Ollur, Thrissur Dist.

Dr. M.D. Menon

Dr. M.D. Menon, the younger son of Vaidyan K. Narayana Pillai is an eminent allopathic General Physician and a well-known child specialist. He visits Ayurleela as a specialist consultant every week.

Dr. M.G. Menon

Sri. M.G Menon, the youngest son of Vaidyan K.Narayana Pillai, the man behind all our inspirations, aspirations and dreams. He made this a reality. Ayurleela owes its existence to this family doyen.

Dr.Gopal Menon, son of Vaidyan M.Madhava Menon, presently has taken up the responsibilty to run the institution with utmost dedication and care in the same traditional manner, passed on through the generations of the doyens.